[Infographie] 67% of developers earn less than $ 500 per app each month

by bold-lichterman

Only 33% of mobile application developers are above the “poverty line” when it comes to the distribution of income generated by their products, we learn from the infographic below. Published today by Vision Mobile, the latter identifies the different ways to monetize an application and provides an overview of average salaries in the sector.

If 72 and 56% of developers respectively work on Android and iOS, it is also that these two supports are the most profitable. Thus 39 and 32% of developers earn more than 500 dollars per application and per month, against only 23 and 21% of them on Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Multiplying the supports is thus the solution adopted by 3/4 of the developers: the average monthly remuneration per application thus goes from 653 dollars when this one is exclusive to a support, against 1,764 dollars from a development on three supports.

Vision Mobile finally notes that advertising is mainly favored by developers when monetizing an application: present in 38% of cases, it is however the least profitable source of income with only 1,024 dollars of income on average. Subscriptions are by far the most profitable ($ 2,649 on average) but are also the least used (12% of cases).