[Infographie] 65% of UK Twitter users log on to mobile

by bold-lichterman

While Twitter has just blown out its seventh birthday on Thursday, March 21, Ipsos offers us in an infographic an overview of the use of social networks in Great Britain.

We learn that 49% of British adults have connected at least once to a social network in the last three months. British mobile users spend almost 9:30 a.m. per month on social networks, mainly on Facebook (304 mins) and Twitter (170 mins).

Ipsos provides us with a detailed analysis of the use of social networks according to demographic criteria:

Facebook is the most common social network: it is used by 46% of Britons, regardless of gender, age or PSC.

Twitter is used by only 12% of Britons, mainly young people (1/3 under 24), 70% of them from the upper middle classes.

LinkedIn is the most specialized social network with an audience representing only 7% of the British population. Men (72% of users), two-thirds of whom are over 35 and working (83% of cases) are over-represented there compared to other networks.

Finally, Ipsos highlights the increased mobility of Twitter users compared to Facebook users, with 65% of regulars on the micro-blogging site connecting via a mobile phone against 48% for Facebook.