[Infographie] 61.5% of internet traffic is believed to be non-human

by bold-lichterman

61.5% of global internet traffic was not of human origin in 2013 according to a study carried out by Incapulsa, a company specializing in computer security. More exactly, this part of the flows would have been generated by “bots”, software programs programmed to interact automatically. The phenomenon would become increasingly important since in 2012, the latter represented “only” 51% of the traffic.

The first factor in question is the increase in “good bots”, ie those from “legitimate software, such as search engines, whose presence increased from 20% to 31% in 2013”. While the activity of bots whose objective is spam has increased from 2% in 2012 to 0.5% in 2013, the company nevertheless notes an “8% increase in the activity of ‘other imitators’ – a group that consists of bots […] with hostile intentions ”, specifying that“ these may be automated spy robots ”.