[Infographie] 60% of Britons own a smartphone

by bold-lichterman

Brought to you by analyst eDigitalResearch and the UK e-commerce association IMGR, the infographic below presents the evolution of the equipment of the UK population with smartphones and its impact on m-commerce.

We can thus see that:

  • The smartphone penetration rate in the UK has increased by more than a third in three years, from 38% to 60% in 2013. Previously reserved for “business men”, with 63% male users in 2010 and older than 35, smartphones are more widely adopted. In 2013, there were 58% of users.
  • These changes thus imply a development of uses in web browsing and m-commerce. For 23% of mobile users viewing sites and purchasing via mobile, they are respectively 51 and 34% today. The main online spending items for Britons are clothing and dematerialized cultural goods.