[Infographie] 57% of French mobile users have already purchased on mobile

by bold-lichterman

The mobile advertising network InMobi publishes, on the occasion of World Mobile Congress, the conclusions of a study on the consumption of mobile media by 15,000 mobile users in the world and in France.

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In this infographic specific to France, we learn that 57% of French mobile users surveyed have already bought via their mobile devices, mainly for intangible goods (applications, e-books, music, etc.). M-commerce is thus less developed in France than abroad, with 66% of mobile users worldwide purchasing via this medium.

InMobi A number of data specific to mobile advertising are also brought forward:

  • 21% of respondents say that mobile advertising has already impacted a purchase decision (40% worldwide), against 57% for TV advertising.
  • We also learn that, if 92% of mobile users have already noticed the ads on their smartphone, 57% are less comfortable with these mobile ads than with TV or online ads.

Mobile Media Consumption InMobi_ France survey

Find the infographic specific to global data here.