[Infographie] 55% of Americans use their smartphone in store to compare products

by bold-lichterman

More and more consumers are using their mobile phones in stores. Some retailers, like Target, encourage this behavior by offering gift cards and other rewards to their customers who geolocate themselves in their stores. To assess this phenomenon, the specialist in brand consulting and promotion Empathica recently published an infographic from a survey of 6,500 U.S. consumers, more than half of whom own smartphones.

Infographie 55 of Americans use their smartphone in store to

This one, taken up by the site Mashable, highlights the intense activity of smartphone users while they are shopping. In fact, 37% go to the brand’s website, 27% geolocate themselves in stores while 31% are looking for discount coupons.

Note, the importance of social networks for buyers since 55% of them “like” brand pages on Facebook, 10% follow at least one brand on Twitter and 8% have already tweeted about a brand or their experience around it.

When asked what social media influences their store visits, 73% cite Facebook, 38% Google Review, 35% Groupon, 23% Yelp, 14% Twitter and 5% Foursquare.

Finally, the infographic reveals that more than half of the smartphone owners surveyed use their phones to compare product prices, while a large share (34%) scan QR codes, look for reviews online. (27%) or download an app (19%).

Infographie 55 of Americans use their smartphone in store to