[Infographie] 28% of Android devices in France are tablets

by bold-lichterman

How popular are mobile devices running Android around the world? Handset Detection offers, through an infographic, a comparison of the seven main Google OS markets including the United States, India, Germany and France, for a total of 35 million mobile devices .

We can thus see the predominance of Samsung, world leader in smartphone manufacturers, which systematically places its models in the Top 10 Android mobiles. The Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 thus appear in all rankings.

The most common resolution in the world is also that of the Galaxy S2: 480 x 800.

29% of the devices listed in the United States turn out to be of this resolution, while the country has the greatest diversity of mobiles running Android, with no less than 1360 different models. If France only lists 487 models, 28% of them turn out to be touch tablets, the highest proportion recorded. Only the United Kingdom approaches this rate (22%) when the score of the other countries is around 10%. Handset Detection notes that India has the lowest proportion of Android tablets, only 3% of the 1051 devices identified falling into this category.