[Inédit] Netconstat.com: legal proof, in real time, of content posted on the web

by bold-lichterman

The arrival on the market of Netconstat.com is presented as “revolutionary” by its initiators and it most certainly is. This new service makes it possible to make an observation of the publication on the Internet of any content that harms you: defamatory remarks, identity theft, misleading advertising, invasion of privacy, product counterfeiting, content copying, etc.

You just have to go to the offending site from the platform so that its navigation or its screenshots are recorded in real time. They are digitally signed, time-stamped and stored in an electronic safe in formats and certification conditions recognized by French courts. Even if the content in question is deleted a few minutes after the operation, these documents will serve as admissible evidence in the event of a dispute or even a trial.

Netconstat is created and funded by Internet specialists and legal professionals. Kima Ventures, the investment fund of Xavier Niel and Jéremie Berrebi, is among the investors. Watch the demonstration video:

Inedit Netconstatcom legal proof in real time of content posted

If this new service clearly brings an unprecedented dimension to the management of disputes on the web, it could, on its own, open the door to a much more common judicialization of these same conflicts. That said, finding is not a trial and everyone knows that the few minutes needed for the first are not comparable to the time and resources needed for the second.