In turmoil, Huawei will invest $ 2 billion over 5 years in cybersecurity

by bold-lichterman

In the eye of the storm for several weeks with the fears expressed by the US government and its allies, Huawei is trying somehow to bounce back. Stuck in a situation similar to that suffered by Russian Kaspersky, accused by Washington of being the eye of Moscow, the Chinese giant has announced its intention to release an envelope of two billion dollars over the next five years which will allow it invest in cybersecurity. Huawei’s investments in the sector will result in the strengthening of its workforce and the modernization of its R&D laboratories.

This decision directly echoes the words of Washington, which believes that the telecommunications equipment of the American firm is not sufficiently protected in order to offer Beijing “backdoors”, allowing the communist power to facilitate espionage and mass surveillance in Western countries. In other words, the United States and several allies, including Australia and New Zealand, which have already excluded the Chinese manufacturer for the construction of their 5G mobile networks, believe that Huawei constitutes a danger to their security. national.

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With an expected turnover of more than 100 billion dollars, against 92 billion dollars last year, Huawei is still showing impressive growth. However, this could very quickly slow down if the doors continue to close in Western markets. In Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Czech Republic are very wary of the Chinese giant. In France, the company is not blacklisted, a position which can be explained in particular by its strong presence in France, with no less than five R&D centers.