In New York, French people launch The Card, the first application of their new App Lab

by bold-lichterman

The App Lab, Inc. is a new iPhone and iPad application creation studio created by French people in New York. Their credo is simple: “create applications that respond to a very simple problem, in the prettiest way possible”.

In New York French people launch The Card the firstThe first achievement from the Lab is: The Card, present on iTunes since the middle of the week. Where the famous application Bump allows you to exchange contacts, photos, music and applications with a clash of iPhones, but with random results, The Card only focuses on the exchange of personal contact details.

Once your profile is completed, all you have to do is fill in your correspondent’s email address. Your information is transmitted in the universal .vcf format, and can be associated via tags to the place where you met a person (professional meeting, conference, etc.). It can also be synced with sync your contacts with your iOS address book and Google Contacts. The application is available in French and English.