In 2011, television will be hybrid and connected

by bold-lichterman

On the occasion of the conference LeWeb10, France Televisions offered demos of the next features of hybrid television or how to port and control its content on new digital media. A reinvention of the good old television.

In June 2010 was born the HbbTV, Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, a television standard initiated by a consortium European manufacturers and operators (Astra, Philips, ST Microelectronics, Sony, TDF, Eutelsat, LG, Cisco, NRJ 12, France Télévisions, Canal +, TF1, etc.).
It makes it possible to enrich television programs in terrestrial mode (via TNT or satellite) and / or in IP mode (via internet or cable). In 2011 television will be hybrid and connectedThe HbbTV, which aims to be the future connected television standard in Europe, is focused on web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript).

This standard makes it possible to lock in the possibilities of additional content and therefore to allow broadcasters to keep control of what will be associated with their programs. In 2011, we will therefore have to reckon with the arrival on the market of many televisions with the “ HbbTV“.

From a new connected version of teletext to a total interactive and community dive via the web and social networks, in 2011 television will experience a real revolution in its consumption patterns.

Interview and demo with Bernard Fontaine, Deputy Director for new services technologies France Televisions