[Impact Free Mobile] SFR loses 200,000 customers

by bold-lichterman

After Orange and Bouygues Telecom, it’s around SFR to do his accounts and announce the number of lost customers since the arrival of Free in the mobile market.

In total, according to Jean-Bernard Lévy, chairman of the board of Vivendi, the second French mobile operator has lost 200,000 customers, or 1% of its mobile fleet which includes nearly 21M subscribers in France. Impact Free Mobile SFR loses 200000 customers

For its part, Orange announced that it had lost nearly 201,000 mobile customers in total, or 0.7% of its fleet, while Bouygues reports 159,000 losses and specifies that 134,000 of its customers would have gone directly to the new competitor.

In an interview with Les Echos, Jean-Bernard Lévy, said that SFR would continue to offer more attractive offers. In this same interview, the man also pointed out the role of the state in the emergence of Free Mobile: “Note that the State is everywhere in this affair: the public authorities and the regulator have done everything to lead to the emergence of a fourth mobile operator and the public operator leases its network to it under opaque conditions. In our analysis, there is therefore of course a legal aspect. “