[Imagine Cup 2012] Swifty Ball: when recycling turns into play

by bold-lichterman

Today 60 to 70% of the waste found in public landfills is not recycled. And yet they could be. If recycling has benefited from more and more publicity in recent years, many efforts to raise awareness therefore remain to be done before obtaining results that are up to the challenge.

What if the solution was to turn recycling into a game? This is where Swifty Ball comes in, the project developed by four developers as part ofImagine Cup 2012, the tenth edition of the student world championships for digital innovation organized by Microsoft.

The objective for these students is to imagine digital tools to answer one or more of the eight Millenium Objectives for development and imagine a world where technology helps us respond to the most crucial challenges of our society.

Their idea to turn recycling into a game? Propose to player to control a ball of garbage that he must bring to a recycling plant using his reflexes and logic. The goal is to put the player at the heart of the recycling process and allow them to learn more while having fun.

The project is led by Antoine Bernard, Cyril Lacroix, Erwan Lejard and Anthony Pages.

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