[Imagine Cup 2012] SmartAgro: rethinking agriculture thanks to digital technology

by bold-lichterman

Over a billion people are suffering from the end in the world. More surprisingly, 80% of these people are farmers, who have a vital role to play in the world’s food supply. But the problem is complex and does not concern only farmers: NGOs lack accurate information and up-to-date data to help them, while companies struggle to find, at the local level, producers with whom to build relationships. long-term.

How then to help these farmers? How to improve their access to the market? How to help them improve their productions?

This is where SmartAgro comes in, the project developed by four developers as part of Imagine Cup 2012, the tenth edition of the student world championships for digital innovation organized by Microsoft.

Imagine Cup 2012 SmartAgro rethinking agriculture thanks to digital technology

The goal for these students is to imagine digital tools to answer one or more of the eight Millenium Objectives for development and imagine a world where technology helps us respond to the most crucial challenges of our society.

Their idea? Create a tool to improve communication between farmers, NGOs, businesses and governments. Thanks to a smartphone, farmers can collect all the essential information about their plots. Thanks to this information, they can improve their production, NGOs can provide more precise aid and governments can adapt their policies more finely.

The project is led by Adrien Olivencia, Celine Freudenreich, Hubert Casadepax and Mathieu Hollebecq.

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