[Imagine Cup 2012] Show Me a Sign, or how to translate sign language in real time

by bold-lichterman

Even today and despite the many technological advances of recent years, it is still very difficult for dumb people to communicate easily. To the point that nothing has really come to replace paper and pen to help them in their daily life and in their relations with people who do not understand sign language.

However, the stakes are high: according to the World Health Organization, there are at least 25 million dumb people in the world. How then to help this community to gain autonomy?

This is where comes in Show me a sign, a device developed by four students as part of Imagine Cup 2012, the tenth edition of the student world championships in digital innovation organized by Microsoft.

Imagine Cup 2012 Show Me a Sign or how to

The goal for these students is to imagine digital tools to respond to one or more of the eight Millennium Development Goals and imagine a world where technology helps us respond to the most critical challenges facing our society.

Their idea to give back their autonomy to deaf people? Develop a tool that translates sign language in real time and makes it possible to speak sentences signed by users.

The operation of their device is simple and intuitive: thanks to gloves fitted with sensors, it allows the signs made by the mute to be analyzed, transcribed into sentences and then spoken using a loudspeaker:

The project is led by four students from theECE Paris – Rodolphe Martin, Vivien Maurice, Nicolas Pierre and Quentin Le Gallo.
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