[Imagine Cup 2012] Cibo: reducing world hunger by eliminating waste

by bold-lichterman

40% of food is wasted worldwide: 925 million people suffer from malnutrition and associations find it increasingly difficult, for lack of aid, to help the most deprived. In this huge mess, agro-food chains are singled out as responsible for nearly half of this waste.

How then to use this wasted food to fight against hunger in the world?

This is where Cibo comes in, a platform developed by four students as part ofImagine Cup, the tenth edition of the student world championships for digital innovation organized by Microsoft.

The objective for these students is to imagine digital tools to answer one or more of the eight Millenium Objectives for development and imagine a world where technology helps us respond to the most crucial challenges of our society.

Imagine Cup 2012 Cibo reducing world hunger by eliminating waste

Their idea to fight against this waste? Develop a tool allowing large agro-food chains to indicate the stocks of food they are going to throw away: associations can then choose the food they need and collect them directly, at the same time allowing producers to drastically reduce the cost of processing their waste and of being associated with this momentum of solidarity:

The project is led by four SupInfo students – Mickaël Vannier, Romain Ranzato, Rémy Loubradou and Martin Bour.

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