[Imagine Cup 2012] Capstreet: more mobility to rediscover the city

by bold-lichterman

1.5% of the world’s population – over 100 million people – live with a motor problem. Accessibility to public spaces is a real problem for them, with multiple consequences, the most serious being a risk of social exclusion.

But accessibility problems do not simply concern people with reduced mobility, they affect a much larger segment of the population: pregnant women, the elderly, parents with strollers …

Numerous investments and public facilities have greatly facilitated this mobility, but the information is not always available: there are very few means to know precisely the route to follow to reach the destination without encountering blocking obstacles. .

This is where CapStreet comes in, a website and a mobile application developed by four students as part of Imagine Cup 2012, the tenth edition of the student world championships for digital innovation organized by Microsoft.

The objective for these students is to imagine digital tools to answer one or more of the eight Millenium Objectives for development and imagine a world where technology helps us respond to the most crucial challenges of our society.

Imagine Cup 2012 Capstreet more mobility to rediscover the city

Their idea to give back autonomy to people with reduced mobility? Provide users with accessibility information directly to all public places: the application allows you to create a fully personalized itinerary – pedestrian, public transport, etc. – and thus avoid all blocking obstacles: streets too narrow, unsuitable buses to wheelchairs …

The project is largely based on the sharing of information, within the community, to refine and update the routes as much as possible, but also with the public authorities, to help optimize the facilities:

The project is led by four students – Agathe Demnard, Anthony Balitrand, Arnaud Pouppeville and Franck Boisgibault.

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