[Ils l’ont fait] Mattermark, Alibaba, Altice and Sigfox …: companies of the week

by bold-lichterman

Altice signs with Sigfox to build a new empire in IoT

Patrick-DrahiAltice, parent company of operator SFR, and Sigfox, supplier of low-speed networks, have announced that they have signed a partnership which should allow the telecommunications group to deploy in connected objects. Ultimately, customers of the Altice group and its subsidiaries in France and abroad will be offered new offers entirely dedicated to the Internet of Things.

For its operator SFR, the objective will thus be to create new offers based on the convergence of networks (4G, Internet, and now IoT). “We are convinced that the Internet of Things market is an opportunity to be seized today, with a global vision”, explains Michel Combes, Chief Operating Officer of Altice and Chairman and CEO of SFR in a joint press release. . Behind it, there are also new uses linked to “machine-to-machine” – when objects communicate with each other, which will have to meet customer expectations.

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