[Ils l’ont dit] Blockchain, “slow business”, #FWDmedia …: the best of the week

by bold-lichterman

Blockchain is a transparent, secure information storage and transmission technology that operates without a central control body.

The blockchain is an innovative and revolutionary tool which, according to many specialists, is about to turn our lives upside down, as the printing press and the Internet did before it. It promises to be a promise from the start, that of fundamentally changing the organization of transactions, and appeals to governments, large companies, investment funds and entrepreneurs. But what is the “blockchain”? Let’s go back to its origins to better understand how this new technology works and its applications.

The origins of blockchain

MoneyIn the beginning was money. From primitive money to fiduciary and scriptural money, the instruments of financial transaction are based on the trust that its users place in it as a unit of account, a medium of exchange and a store of value. This confidence is based on a guarantee principle embodied by a centralized institution (States, banks or local authorities in the case of local complementary currencies).

The dematerialization of money, from the introduction of checks to the creation of payment cards, has accelerated over the past 25 years with the appearance of electronic transactions. It opens the way to a reflection …

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