Icann strengthens the domain name registration procedure

by bold-lichterman

In a few weeks, alongside .fr, .com or .org, more than a thousand new suffixes will sprout up on the web. Among them are .cisco, .basketball, .cloud, .photos, .madrid, .news, .hotel, .sanofi, .life.

After two years of procedure, Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) should therefore soon lift the veil on new domain names.

With the approach of this announcement, the organization revealed last Friday new stricter rules in order to better supervise these recordings.

Thus, aspirants must, among other things, confirm their phone number or email address within 15 days of making the request. Without this information, the registrars will be responsible for suspending the registrations of the domain names concerned. Interested parties should also endeavor to keep certain information up to date.

Cyrus Namazi, the agency’s vice-president, clarified that it was a question here of “eliminating bad apples. “

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