Hyperloop Transportation Technologies + Mark Zuckerberg + Karine Samaha (ex-Hostelworld Group) = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies chooses the Czech Republic for its first European tests.
  • Mark Zuckerberg wants to invest $ 3 billion in virtual reality.
  • Daniel Springer becomes CEO of DocuSign.
  • In India, the digital sector will grow by 136% by 2020.
  • The purchasing habits of European internet users scrutinized.
  • The nominations: Karine Samaha, Frédéric Stévenin, Fabrice Pelosi…
  • Online workshop: How chatbots are transforming customer relations?
    Tuesday February 7, at 11 a.m. with iAdvize.

The transport company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, created by Dirk Ahlborn and Bibop Gresta, chooses the city of Brno, in the Czech Republic, to test its high-speed transport capsule in Europe. The ambition of the project is to link the city located in the south-east of the country to Prague as well as to Bratislava. While it currently takes an hour and a half to travel from Brno to Bratislava, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will make it possible to reach the capital of Slovakia in just 10 minutes. The American company also said it has signed an agreement with the city of Abu Dhabi, and is in talks with the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Last December, the company said it had raised more than $ 108 million to finance its development, in the form of cash ($ 31.8 million), and contributions in kind ($ 77 million). In October, its main competitor, the company Hyperloop One, announced a fundraising of $ 50 million from DP World, a subsidiary of Dubai Worldwide. Hyperloop One is currently working on a project to connect Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes.


mark-zuckerberg-facebook-homeMark Zuckerberg wants to democratize the use of virtual reality among hundreds of millions of people. The Facebook boss plans to invest $ 3 billion in this area over the next decade. The American billionaire made the announcement during the trial between Oculus, bought by Facebook in 2014, and ZeniMax, a video game publisher. Indeed, the founder of Facebook was called to testify in federal court in Dallas

ZeniMax is demanding $ 2 billion from Oculus, which Facebook paid to buy the company. The video game publisher suspects one of its former employees, John Carmack, of stealing documents and passing them on to Oculus for the development of its VR headset.

daniel-springer-docusignMore than a year after the departure of its previous leader, Keith Krach, the company specializing in the electronic signature of documents DocuSign announces having recruited Daniel Springer as CEO. A Harvard MBA graduate, Daniel Springer led Responsys, a marketing software publisher, for more than ten years. He notably managed the company’s IPO in 2011, as well as its sale to Oracle in 2014.

As part of his duties at DocuSign, Daniel Springer will have to increase the company’s market share in its market, and prepare for a possible IPO.

auto-rickshawThe digital sector will generate 200 billion Indian rupees in revenue (equivalent to 2.7 billion euros) in 2020, according to EY data relayed by The Economic Times. This is 136% more than today, where digital generates 84.9 billion rupees in revenue (1.2 billion euros).

These are the services over the top as well as online advertising which will drive the performance of the sector. With 185 billion rupees (2.6 billion euros) invested in digital advertising devices, this area will account for almost a quarter of advertising spending in the country (compared to 14% today).

Finally, within three years, the consulting firm estimates that nearly 746 million Indians will use the Internet, for a smartphone penetration rate of 31% (against 31% in 2015). Note, for the first time the number of Internet users in rural areas will exceed the number of Internet users living in cities.

How long does it take for Internet users to buy a product online? Are there big differences depending on the products you are looking for? So many questions answered by Shopalike in its study, From click to purchase, carried out in 12 European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Poland.


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karine-samahaKarine Samaha becomes Director of Transformation at Elior France

Karine Samaha joined Elior France, specialist in school catering, as director of transformation. She was previously Global customer acquisition at Hostelworld Group.

frederic-steveninFrédéric Stévenin appointed director of the investment committee of PAI Partners

The investment fund PAI Partners announces the arrival of Frédéric Stevenin as director of the investment committee. He replaces Michel Paris.

fabrice-pelosiFabrice Pelosi arrives at APCO Worldwide as a consultant

APCO Worldwide announces the arrival of Fabrice Pelosi as a consultant. He was previously a consultant at Tilder.

How chatbots are transforming customer relationships

Tuesday February 07 at 11 a.m. with iAdvize

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