Hundreds of apps infected with malware on the App Store

by bold-lichterman

Apple is currently working to remove from its App Store a malware, the group told Reuters, after several companies specializing in cybersecurity informed him of this program. Several hundred applications, previously authorized on the App Store, would have been affected by “XcodeGhost”, the name given to the virus.

The apple-based firm explained that hackers managed to integrate this malicious program after convincing developers to use a counterfeit version of Xcode, the application development software for iOS and Mac. In other words, rather than directly attacking users’ smartphones, this malware acts upstream, infecting applications during their design by developers. A phone is then affected if an affected application has been installed on it.

Little information has been provided on how this malware acts. “We have removed apps from the App Store that we know were created with this counterfeit software,” said the spokesperson for Apple. “We are working with developers to make sure they are using the correct version of Xcode to rebuild their applications.”

The Cupertino group, however, has not communicated the procedure to follow to allow users to know if their iPhone or iPhone is infected. Qihoo360, a security company, Technology said it has identified more than 344 affected applications.