Huawei sells 550,000 smartphones on WeChat

by bold-lichterman

Huawei has sold, on pre-order, 550,000 copies of its Honor 6 smartphone through the WeChat instant messaging app. More precisely, it is, the second largest Chinese e-merchant after Alibaba, which has sold the models through its store on the social network, thus validating its economic model based largely on the social e-commerce. The application, a subsidiary of the conglomerate Tencent (which took 15% of in March, editor’s note), is indeed increasing initiatives in the field.

Last month, it allowed verified accounts to open stores on its integrated marketplace to boost revenue. She had already started selling tickets plane departing from Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Likewise, 700,000 taxis would be reserved every day via the app. During the Chinese New Year, it also launched an electronic money donation service between users.

Income diversification enabled thanks to a payment function developed by Tencent. Twitter could also be inspired by WeChat. According to the Re / code site, Twitter would test buttons on its iOS application “Buy now” which would return e-merchants with whom agreements have been concluded. The social network, sanctioned several times on the stock market, is still not profitable and posted a loss of $ 132 million in the first quarter.

WeChat has just under 400 million users worldwide. Last February, an estimate from BNP Paribas valued the Chinese company at $ 14.9 billion.