HR organization: Horizontal Software acquires Equitime for more than 3 million euros

by bold-lichterman

The publisher of cloud and SaaS solutions is targeting, through this acquisition, 6 million euros in turnover by the end of 2014

Equitime, a company based in Isère, specializing in the management and planning of human resources in companies, has just been acquired by Horizontal Software, a publisher of Saas software and Cloud solutions. Equitime has mainly developed in the health and community sectors. Horizontal Software, offers itself, through this acquisition, a base of 300 customers that Equitime has managed to reach in 15 years, in the health sector, and the company’s R&D resources. Equitime has 28 employees.

Horizontal Software had already acquired LPDR Engineering in 2012, a recruitment software publisher known for its “HR Relation” solution.

“These acquisitions align with our desire to create a Saas / Cloud leader in the field of human capital management” declares Hervé Yahi, President of Horizontal Software. (…) Within three months, we should have finalized our third acquisition in France, a company specializing in skills management which will enable us to reach around one hundred people ”declares the CEO to Les Echos.

Origin: French

Creation: February 2010

Effective: 30 people in 2013

Turnover: 1 million euros in 2013

CEO: Herve Yahi