How to take advantage of Facebook Live and convert your audience into customers

by bold-lichterman

Facebook live is a new feature of Facebook that has been deployed for a few months now. This module seems worthy of interest for marketers since it can be used to adopt a strategy relating to theinbound marketing.

Facebook is a platform that has interested a lot of marketers since its inception. Indeed, it is currently the social network that has the most subscribers. This site is therefore the ideal playground for individuals who want at all costs to benefit from a large audience.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, more and more entrepreneurs have decided to launch their businesses on the web. With this in mind, they opened online stores and the like, but soon realized that closing a sale on the web is not as easy as it looks. To respond to the issues raised by online sales, new marketing approaches have been discovered, in particular the‘inbound marketing. The latter consists of using different methods to ensure a conversion. One of them provides for the passage through different platforms including Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s site brings together a large audience that can be converted into loyal customers. However, there has to be a certain strategy. For now, a growing number of marketers agree that Facebook live is a good tool to use. This recently deployed module allows live video broadcasting and can be used to convey promotional messages. To carry out this type of business, however, certain rules must be followed.

Enhance the content

With the upsurge in video publications, it is normal to look into all the details to stand out to attract more audiences. As such, it is imperative to choose a good thumbnail to appeal to Facebook subscribers. Although the broadcast will be live, the sequence will only be played automatically for a few people who have opted for a certain configuration of the Facebook application. For this purpose, the audience will first see the sticker. In order to encourage them to watch the video, it must be well chosen. The illustration should suit the taste of the target audience.

Another detail to take into account is the wording of the title. This is a very delicate process since keywords must be highlighted. So to ensure to occupy the first place in the results of search engines, a preliminary analysis step must be carried out. To push this performance a little bit, it is also possible to put landing pages with the video. With this system, a certain amount of information will be collected and will be used later for monitoring. Most of the time it is the email address that is requested before accessing the landing page in order to watch another more interesting video on the same topic.

What to put on the video?

Impressing people via Facebook live is not an easy thing, various parameters must be taken into account to expect a positive feedback from the spectators.

Carry out questions and answers

This practice will be very favorable to get closer to customers. Indeed, since it is instantaneous, these people will be reassured about the quality of the product. This question-and-answer session will also be for whoever posts a moment to show that they care about their customers, but not just finances.. It’s all about the desire to get closer to the public to sell more. Of course, you should not try to praise the merits of your products or the services offered. It will be necessary to find a particular approach to ensure possible conversions.

Add tutorials

Video tutorials are generally very popular with Internet users. Many people particularly enjoy watching podcasts like Do it Yourself or DIY. You can draw inspiration from it to captivate your audience. For service providers, it will be about showing the public how to carry out certain tasks relating to their sector of activity. For those who offer products, it may be how to use the offered goods. To ensure the presentation, however, it would be necessary to do some simulations before the shooting or at least to prepare well. The video will indeed be broadcast live, you should not miss your shot during filming at the risk of generating a bad buzz. A “small blunder” is enough to compromise the credibility of the brand and make it the victim of ridicule on the Internet. So many will do anything for one buzz even negative, it could be catastrophic for establishments that are just beginning to make a name for themselves.

Shed light on what is happening off the stage

To show a certain creativity, there is nothing better than to offer behind the scenes. Most brands limit themselves to posting promotional videos on social networks. This strategy is not always beneficial to them. Indeed, their credibility declines with each publication. The public will tend to avoid content released over time. To prevent this, it would then be necessary to propose sequences advancing another approach. Thus, a video highlighting the stages of manufacture of a product makes it possible for example to regain the interest of the public. Many other concepts can be taken up. However, the footage showing what goes on behind the scene brings a little more authenticity to the firm. This is sure to have a positive influence on their turnover.

Play on spontaneity

With the live character, audiences will no longer expect a video whose script has been designed and thought through for months to come out with perfect content. With the live, what is important is to capture the event without artifice and as naturally as possible. So for those who want to integrate interview sessions, they must be done as naturally as possible. There is no need to make a long list of pre-researched questions, but simply get someone to speak to get the message across. The most popular formula remains the interview in places that are common enough to remove the image made perfect by various applications of the advertising world.


David Licoppe is general manager at Seolius.

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