How to regain power within this digital “e-volution”?

by bold-lichterman

Good leaves: find an excerpt from the book Do you remember the digital? (Mélibée editions) by Bernard-Roger Mathieu.

It is urgent to ask the question concerning democracy. How to regain power within this digital “e-volution”?

The adaptation of the citizen expression indicates a necessary step so that the new society of the new times is stabilized on new bases, new brands, references and operating networks, some of which are certainly to be invented.

Is it a revolt? “no, sire, it’s a revolution“! (1)

A revolution of which we are not revolutionaries today? To have !

As you read these lines, 12 billion connected objects direct our actions… and us and us, sang Dutronc. Each day that passes we are invited to load a new “app”.

As this book is a journey through the corridors of a new era, signs offer a choice of routes. Where those who want to think for us draw straight highways, we are looking for alternative routes, green crossings.

Let’s digress!

Thanks to digital action, fun is never far away. It is also one of his mirages. Virtual mirages or passages becoming real by a tactile constructor opening a path of pleasure leading to concrete.

And if the impression of watching a digitized film in 3D colorizes our point, it is perhaps that by bouncing like a rubber ball, we will have, by contagion, abused the pixelated charm of Mario Kart 64 with its bumps , jumps and tunnels and its tortuous circuits where the spirit sometimes ignites.

Tickets are on www.

Let’s keep a cool head. Imagine the Neanderthal man carving the walls of his bedroom to whom we would have shown the mundane GPs of our injection carts… as soon as you can would you turn around?

Curiously, while society imposes and cultivates an apparently discursive deceleration, imposed by circumstantial capitalist avatars, far from running out of steam, digital technology ends up flourishing in this gray setting.

Poppy on a rock.

A single hope nourishes our words regimented in columns by nine – that of a renewal – marching in step of an e-changeable order.

We hope that before the end of the book, you will be in charge: the e-drivers!

A revolution is underway. “We can!”

You will take back a Bastille …

So all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

This would be true if the theory had really taken root in reality, not that of businesses but that of everyday people’s society. Mine, yours… there is still some way to go. As Pascal Chavernac says, the digital revolution is behind us… but in practice a lot remains to be done.

An “app” should use a necessary app. The ideal, in the application of an active paradox, would be for ideas today to spring from the minds of people opposed to digital. Looking more closely, we should say: opposed to his deviations. Between “deviance” and “distrust” a single letter modifies the meaning.

The wrong folds have been taken. Which? in particular, the dependence on these “social networks” which have undergone multifunctional development (work, email, medicine, local democracy, etc.)

There is still time to reverse the maneuver.

Believe in progress instead of forging chains. It is important for politicians to put in place the relevant tools for multiple citizen expression. Otherwise, tomorrow our children or grandchildren will point the finger at them. The role of the politician can be summed up in a few words: to set up structures, to equip people with the tools necessary for their expression.

Introduce them to an “adult” world while allowing them to be actors, therefore to understand this world in an interactive movement, respectful of differences.

(1) – On the evening of July 14, 1789, the Bastille was in the hands of the Parisian insurgents. The Duke of Liancourt comes to inform King Louis XVI. The latter asks him: “but, is it a revolt?” and Liancourt to answer the king, in a visionary way: “no sire, it’s a revolution!”

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