How to optimize your m-reputation as a brand? [Manuel Pennequin, de Open]

by bold-lichterman

Actor in the Industrial and Digital Transformation of companies, Open is one of the leading French digital services companies. On the occasion of its event dedicated to m-reputation and in Moodpeek, a unique and innovative solution for analyzing the opinions of users of mobile apps, Thursday December 8, Manuel Pennequin, Director of Mobile Analytics answers our questions.

FrenchWeb: What is m-reputation?

Manuel Pennequinmpe NEW, Director of Mobile Analytics, Moodpeek by Open: The mobile reputation is the result in terms of image of the content produced and disseminated by a brand through its mobile applications. Concretely, m-reputation is built primarily on the opinions expressed by users on stores who judge the Quality of Apps. It is one of the major components of the overall image of a brand. For many sectors of activity, it even becomes the central element. Who can still neglect the role of the mobile channel in a brand’s digital transformation? No one because the figures speak for themselves: for example, 56% of Black Friday visits were made on mobile versus 44% on desktop.

Why is this an important issue for apps and brands?

According to the Mobile Usages barometer, written by Open-EBG-Testapic and published in July 2016, word of mouth is the first three criteria for installing a mobile application, immediately followed by comments and ratings posted on the stores. This single statistic demonstrates the weight of m-reputation, at a time when the first challenge of an App is to exist in the stores, to be downloaded and especially to survive among the elected on the smartphone of its users. . A true showcase for the brand, mobile apps must be reliable and meet the expectations of mobile users: 64% of mobile users believe that the Quality of an App can have a direct impact on the brand’s image. Monitoring m-reputation therefore becomes a major focus of any digital strategy.

Why and how to analyze it?

Users express themselves a lot on the stores. Through a single comment that is posted, we can extract about 2.4 opinions, that is to say that users will express themselves on different subjects (aesthetics, functionalities, performance, etc.). An inexhaustible source of information, the comments express everything at the same time: what mobile users like, what they don’t like and especially what they would like. Analyzing their comments allows the brand to understand where its users’ expectations lie and to quickly decide on the priorities for updating its applications, to detect the factors of dissatisfaction and to correct them. Thus, a brand that follows its m-reputation will be able to invest with the right effort and in the right place in order to improve, correct and improve at the same time. This analysis also allows brands to go further and compare themselves to competing apps in order to differentiate themselves. In short, listening to and understanding the feelings of the UX of your App expressed by its users beyond any expert debate is the best way to meet their expectations.

How do you support your customers to optimize the reputation of their application?

Open has designed a unique and innovative solution: Moodpeek. Based on semantic analysis and the classification of opinions expressed by users on the stores, Moodpeek is the solution for analyzing the opinions of users of mobile apps on the iOS and Android stores. It allows you to assess your mobile reputation in complete autonomy and in real time, but goes much further because it is a real decision-making tool: Moodpeek indeed associates feelings with the uses of users of the Apps. To date, Moodpeek monitors nearly 7,000 Apps and has identified around 10 million opinions. Moodpeek delivers its own index which synthesizes the opinions sought. The Moodpeek Index goes further than the rating given on the stores: it allows an impartial evaluation and comparison between applications.

Thursday, December 8, Open is organizing a morning show dedicated to m-reputation and Moodpeek. During this morning, discover how this solution allows, in complete autonomy and in real time, to analyze, understand, control and compare your mobile reputation. Market data and data from the Moodpeek solution will be unveiled. At the end of the event, you will be given the Moodpeek index of your App.

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