How to optimize your Cloud presence in the age of hyperdata?

by bold-lichterman

The 2000s were marked by the explosion of photo, video and social media uses and an explosion of data. It is estimated that this decade has seen a multiplication of data by 1 billion!

How to optimize your Cloud presence in the age ofThis dynamic continues today at a frantic pace and the management of this enormous amount of data is at the heart of all concerns. Around cloud computing, the new Holy Grail of the Internet, everyone is now looking to develop or identify the best solutions.

How to effectively compress this data to offer professionals fast access and transfers?

How to guarantee their security and confidentiality from one end of the chain to the other?

Here are the crucial questions of the moment.

Orange Business Services works in close collaboration with leading IT technology companies to offer companies answers to these major challenges, in particular through its integrated solution Flexible Backup (Back-Up As a Service)

Interview with Philippe Bourhis, VP Business development IT – Orange Business Services