How to inject data into the corporate culture?

by bold-lichterman

To stay competitive, what business can really do without data analytics and mining? “Bringing something to the market, differentiating yourself, having a value proposition, it’s complicated to do without data. It would be like looking at yourself when the world is open », Details Julie Caredda partner AI & Data Analytics for KPMG and interviewed during the first edition of The Robot of the Year.

“It’s almost acculturation”

When it comes to data use, maturity levels differ enormously from one industry to another. For example, where retail players have very quickly taken up the subject, others like banking / insurance have come to it later and we have had to accelerate in recent years.

One of the challenges is therefore to know how to instill a data culture within your company. “It’s a long-term job that really affects the whole organization. It’s almost acculturation», Explains Julie Caredda. The uses, the importance of the subject but also the role of each employee must be clearly explained. Then, the test & learn approach is essential. “Many groups expect very quick results», Notes the interviewee. Now, “en wanting results immediately without accepting setbacks, companies are putting up barriers. The teams will become demotivated and the projects will gradually run out of steam “.

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