How to improve your natural referencing with SSO (Social Search Optimization)?

by bold-lichterman

In terms of strategy, it was easy enough to anticipate that a social network such as Facebook would not confine itself for long to the simple search for natural persons. The success and the audience have made this platform a place where brands must be both present and proactive.

The integration of official Fan Pages for brands, the business model of CPC ads, have made this idea more and more concrete with the major evolutions of Facebook.

February 2011: Facebook officially opens its service Facebook + commerce ”

May 2011: Facebook modifies its search engine by integrating web data from Bing.

the HEC application systematically on the first page of the result response Google (7th out of more than 670,000 links) Bing (5th out of more than 94,000 links) and Yahoo (5th out of more than 96,000 links).

In summary, the publication of a service or an application brings immediate visibility on search engines when Internet users make requests on a theme identical to that of the application.