How to convince an investor to bet on the hardware

by bold-lichterman

If we can take French engineering and American marketing, we’ll really have the best of both worlds.»The sentence is signed by Jeff Clavier, founder of the fund SoftTech VC. Based in Silicon Valley, the French business angel indeed believes that the alliance of skills on both sides of the Atlantic is the key to success for French start-ups trying their luck in the United States. Created in 2004, the fund today gives pride of place to hardware and more particularly to IoT.

The IoT sector thus represents 20% of SoftTech VC’s portfolio, explains Jeff Clavier. By way of comparison, for the whole of 2016, IoT represented 3% of fundraising in Tech in France according to our FW Invest indicator.

However, the situation has changed since Donald Trump arrived at the White House last January. “With the new Trump administration, there is a very negative trend on immigration», Notes Jeff Clavier, on the occasion of the conference, which was held in Paris at the beginning of April. And to add: “We are permanently short of 50 to 100,000 engineers.“Faced with the uncertainty maintained by Donald Trump, most young shoots are now thinking about setting up a hybrid model, with”the sales, marketing and management part in Silicon Valley, and possibly engineering elsewhere, in Canada or in Europe», Specifies Jeff Clavier.

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