How the United States has got its hands on design since 2004

by bold-lichterman

In twelve years, 42 companies specializing in design have been acquired. This is what emerges from the new report published by the prestigious American investment fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Produced by John Maeda, American graphic designer and researcher, this document provides a global vision of the impact of design in the world of Tech.

Unsurprisingly, the effervescence around design is located across the Atlantic. Thus, the United States, and in particular Silicon Valley with Facebook and Google, which have accumulated 10 acquisitions in this sector for 12 years, are among the most active in this market. The Mountain View firm is 64% considered the company that has made the greatest progress in design, ahead of Microsoft (40%) and Apple (33%). Last year, IBM stood out in this branch by buying three design companies.

Design relies on venture capital

Venture capital funds are also turning to design. In fact, 9 of the top 25 startups benefiting from venture capital funding have designer co-founders. This figure has climbed 5 points since last year. In this line, there are more designers who have integrated venture capital into their strategy during the last two years than in the previous four combined.

The study also draws up several observations on the economic and digital health of design. Thus, John Maeda explains that the necessary increase of designers in the Tech sector cannot be done without a rethought education. In addition, he notes that the adoption of design by public companies is growing exponentially.