How the Bpifrance Hub is accelerating the rapprochement between large groups and start-ups

by bold-lichterman

Launched in April 2015, the Bpifrance Hub blows out its second candle. Under the leadership of Cécile Brosset, this structure was created with the aim of bringing together start-ups and large groups. The major challenge was above all to succeed in marrying the culture of large groups with the agile model of start-ups.

To do this, the Bpifrance Hub has made a range of services available to large groups to enable them to quickly identify French start-ups with the most attractive potential. In this way, “the objective is to create real business relays so that corporates become clients of start-ups, or even buyers», Explains Cécile Brosset, director of the Bpifrance Hub since its launch.

42 start-ups and 60 large groups supported in 2 years

This acceleration of relations between large groups and start-ups has resulted in commercial partnerships, investments and even acquisitions. In the last two years, 42 start-ups have been accelerated and 60 large groups supported by the Bpifrance Hub. At the same time, 35 commercial partnerships have been concluded since 2015.

In its desire to multiply the connections between start-ups and large groups, the Bpifrance Hub is currently working on a digital platform which will be launched at the end of the year. The latter will revolve around a search engine for French start-ups in order to support large groups in their innovation strategies. “This digital platform is a growth lever, it will accelerate the number of deals between large groups and French start-ups.», Indicates Cécile Brosset.

Director: Cecile Brosset

Creation date : 2015

Seat : Paris

Activity: structure to bring together start-ups and large groups

Workforce: 10 people

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