How OCTO Technology wants to support companies in the field of data

by bold-lichterman

What if the current period of transition that our society is going through were comparable to industrial revolutions? That’s what Eric Biernat, Big Data Analytics director at OCTO Technology, the consulting firm specializing in digital transformation and software development – which Accenture Digital acquired in March. The latter believes that data scientists have a major role to play in this rapidly changing world. “This is the most exciting job of our generation», He concedes.


This upheaval raises many questions within companies in order to respond to new challenges and issues. For Eric Biernat, author of the book “Data Science: fundamentals and case studies»(Ed: Eyrolles) with Michel Lutz, data scientists are essential to help companies adapt to a more modern and connected world, but also more complex. “These are the essential cogs between data and company value creation.», He specifies. Their expertise is all the more important insofar as the work of evangelization within companies is far from being completed: “We still have to spend time convincing that the future will pass through artificial intelligence”, explains he does.

The growing needs for Big Data and Analytics within companies are irremediably leading the profession of data scientist to reinvent itself. And for good reason, the stake for companies is to leave a “sense of intelligence»To consumers (invisible payment, fast and optimized customer journey, etc.). “We may not need a very scientific data scientist less, but rather a very technical data scientist», Notes Eric Biernat. And to conclude: “The data scientist will be more geek.

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