How LiPP wants to seduce brands with its hijacked videos

by bold-lichterman

Videos hijacked by Internet users: this is the concept of LiPP. This mobile application allows Internet users to make edits from videos available in a library. Once a clip has been chosen, the user adds elements – such as their voice, a filter or music for example – then shares their creation either on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp, or on LiPP’s social network.

Our users are both creators and consumers», Explains to Frenchweb Marc-Antoine Durand, the co-founder of LiPP. It is also from this use that the company Bobler (which publishes the application) ultimately intends to develop its economic model in the coming years. Rather than disseminating advertising interstitials, LiPP focuses on content hijacking. An idea that arose in October 2015, when the James Bond film was released: ” tens of thousands of LiPP [qui] hijacked cult passages (…) were shared on social networks», Explains Marc-Antoine Durand. “Today, conventionally, you have advertisers who want to distribute their videos. [Chez, ndlr] we, today, are the people who will create the advertising, taking the video and viralizing it on social networks

According to LiPP figures, the app, which is available in around 15 countries, has more than 1 million downloads, and 20% of users connect to LiPP for more than two hours each day. The French start-up now wants to head for the United States.

Interview with Marc-Antoine Durand, co-founder of LiPP:

CEO: Antoine Durand

Creation: 2012

The head office : Paris

Activity: social network

Funding: 500,000 euros raised in 2015

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