How LinkedIn Reached 500 Million Members

by bold-lichterman

How did a company like LinkedIn manage to federate a community of more than 484 million active users in the space of 14 years? Proceeding in stages, once the fit product-market found, according to Aatif Awan. In his presentation “How LinkedIn built a Community of Half a Billion»The Vice President Growth & International Products of the company, reviews the history of the company, and gives his advice to build a community in a sustainable way.

We learn that the launch of public profiles in 2006 was a real trigger for growth. In 2008, 5 years after its launch and while the platform claims 33 million active users, a team of 15 people is dedicated to this issue of community growth. Until 2011, their efforts focused on international expansion.

In 2012, LinkedIn claimed 202 million active users. The main stake of the professional social network becomes to retain its existing community, while continuing to make it grow. In June 2016, the company was acquired by Microsoft for $ 26.2 billion. At the end of December, it brings together a community of 484 million active users.

  • Beyond the increase in quantified indicators, growth is the translation of a successful execution of its initial vision.

  • A good indicator should be aligned with the company’s vision, must make it possible to measure the value created for users, and be summable. Avoid multiplying the indicators monitored, a few are enough.

  • A good product is the prerequisite for any successful growth strategy. Long-term user retention is a measure of product quality.
  • Multiply growth levers avoids single channel dependency. There is a lever for each behavior: SEO when the user performs active research, virality when it is necessary to have a large base, strategic partnerships when users are active on other platforms, etc.
  • To be continually in a A / B testing process to constantly adapt its product to user expectations, which change as the community is built.

Photo credit: Pexels