How Kameleoon enables brands to identify their high potential segments

by bold-lichterman

To improve the user experience, personalization has become a major issue for brands and e-merchants, as the survey demonstrated A / B Testing and Personalization, produced by Converteo for Kameleoon, last year. To this end, companies seek above all to get to know their visitors better in order to offer them a relevant experience. “The problem today is not access to visitor data but the time available to marketers to analyze it», Notes Jean-René Boidron, president of Kameleoon, who continues “Up to now, segments are identified and built “manually” according to company strategy or intuitively. However, with this only manual segmentation, on misses opportunities in promising and income-generating segments “.

To achieve a more successful personalization of the user experience, Kameleoon, which is developing a platform specializing in A / B testing and personalization, has designed a “segment discovery” solution based on machine-learning algorithms. This crosses all the criteria of visitors to a website in real time and automatically identifies the relevant segments on which to focus in order to generate more turnover and margin.

This solution gives marketers an instant view of segment performance based on size, conversion rate, and recommends critical segments to address particular and unique customizations. The volume processed by machine-learning algorithms thus enables marketing departments to save time in identifying high-potential visitor segments, to refine their strategy, and thus to increase their turnover.

Interview with Jean-René Boidron, president of Kameleoon:

President : Jean-René Boidron

Creation: 2009

Commercial launch: 2012

The head office : Paris

Effective : 80 people spread between France, Germany, Russia and Spain.

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