How ETAM boosted its conversion rate on Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Artificial Intelligence from Target2Sell

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“Target2Sell has enabled us to better understand our customers and to respond with greater finesse to their expectations. The result: + 16.5% of the conversion rate during sales periods! ”, says Emmanuelle Leonardi, Head of e-Merchandising for ETAM.

How ETAM boosted its conversion rate on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

ETAM, the inspirational French lingerie and ready-to-wear brand present in 60 countries, has chosen to enrich its site, based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, with an advanced customization experience based on Target2Sell AI. By combining its business expertise, the power of its e-commerce platform and Target2Sell’s patented technology, ETAM has measured a 12% increase in the conversion rate over several months, and up to + 16.5% during sales periods. .

In a process of continuous improvement of the performance of its site, ETAM is at the forefront of “data-driven marketing”. The digital and e-merchandising teams work hand in hand in a Test & Learn approach on the customer experience, in order to facilitate the conversion and the satisfaction of demanding customers.

Main conversion lever: personalization of category pages

One of the major conversion levers on commercial sites is the personalization of category pages. On the ETAM site, 70% of visitors arrive directly on a category page. Getting the right products to the top of the page for each customer is therefore a crucial issue for sales performance.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) platform natively offers rules for sorting by category – called “Sorting Rules”. ETAM initially optimized these rules on the basis of cocktails taking into account criteria such as sales performance and sizes available in stock.

In order to go further, ETAM turned to Target2Sell. Target2Sell indeed offers a unique and patented technology of Personalized Sorting of category pages.

Merchants often do global analysis, while visitors’ expectations are not all the same. For example, a loyal customer does not have the same needs as a visitor from Google Shopping.

For ETAM, knowing your visitors well is essential:
What are they really interested in?
What are the products that trigger a purchase?

To be as close as possible to customer needs, one of the solutions is to “analyze by customer segment»Explains Emmanuelle Leonardi, Head of e-Merchandising at ETAM.

Target2Sell’s technology is based on AI: Target2Sell calculates, for each customer, about twenty indicators, based on the navigation and purchases of each: sensitivity to price, novelty, promotions, recency of visits … These indicators are then used by the Target2Sell solution to group the customers into ten or so distinct segments. Finally, Target2Sell associates with each segment and each category an optimal order of display of the products.

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Continuous optimization

This technology integrates natively with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Integration is very fast and eliminates cache problems, without any flickering effect, for a perfect customer experience.

ETAM launched an A / B test with 50% of the population exposed to the Target2Sell personalized segments, over a period of 6 months. ETAM measured the compared performance via their own analytics tool (Google Analytics).

ETAM and Target2Sell worked in partnership to optimize the AI ​​engine and analyze the results. The teams synchronized on a weekly basis in order to analyze the main performance indicators and carry out any optimizations.

Certain data has thus been added over the course of the project:
Feed the AI ​​engine with store sales: 30% of web visitors will then buy directly in stores – so this is crucial data for AI.
Incorporate the availability of sizes in the calculation of scores, taking into account in particular those which are most in demand.

+ 14% turnover for ETAM

On average over the test period, ETAM measured an increase in turnover of 14% and an increase in the conversion rate also of 12%.

On the summer sales, the improvement in the conversion rate even climbed to 16.5% on a considerable sales volume.

These results have therefore proven that the Personalized Sorting offered by Target2Sell brings real added value to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

The combination of the power of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, Target2Sell personalization AI and the business expertise of ETAM teams has proven to be the perfect combination to optimize the performance of category pages.

Set up hyper-personalization that makes sense for each merchant

Following this test period, ETAM decided to deploy the Target2Sell technology on its international sites – Poland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, etc.

ETAM has also launched other personalization experiments: personalized product recommendation inserts, extension to mobile sites, as well as an “AI-powered” personalized gift engine, all based on Target2Sell technology.

AI should not be a black box in which the merchant loses his ability to learn or control the results. Target2Sell, through its technology and its level of business support, has enabled us not only to better convert, but also to fully understand our customers, to analyze their behavior and to optimize the customer experience with our business experience on top of that. . It is a real added value above the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform»Explains Jonathan Attali, Digital ETAM Director.

To find out more: download the ETAM customer case here

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