How Dynamic Yield wants to personalize the customer experience of e-merchants

by bold-lichterman

In 2017, online commerce will weigh 72 billion euros in France, according to figures from Fevad. Faced with the growth of the sector, e-merchants need to understand the needs and expectations of customers. To forge a strong relationship with them, e-merchants seek to get closer to them by sending them a personalized message at a key moment on the channel that suits them. With personalization now at the heart of the marketing strategy of online merchants, the Israeli start-up Dynamic Yield offers them solutions to increase the level of engagement across the entire customer journey.

Thanks to its team of engineers based in Tel Aviv, which constitutes the bulk of the company’s workforce (70 employees out of 125), Dynamic Yield manages to create individualized shopping experiences at all touch points. Each month, the young shoot claims to reach 500 million Internet users around the world, who visit 10 billion pages over the same period. Among its clients, Dynamic Yield notably includes Under Armor, Sephora and Foodpanda.

Established in the United States and in Asia, the start-up is now seeking to expand into Europe. For this, the company has created a European hub in Berlin. Besides Germany, the start-up also wants to establish itself in France, where “the market is very mature», According to Guillaume Chéron, France director of Dynamic Yield. To support its expansion, the Israeli company completed a funding round of $ 22 million last December.

Dynamic Yield: the key data

Founders: Omri Mendellevich and Liad Agmon
Creation: 2011
The head office : New York
Activity: customer experience optimization and personalization solutions for e-merchants