How do we cultivate the well-being of engineers … at Oxalide?

by bold-lichterman

Frenchweb is mobilizing and organizing the fourth digital employment week (#SENFW) all week (portraits, interviews, job offers, round tables, etc.). The operation, intended to promote employment opportunities in this sector, takes place every 6 months.

Oxalide, the DevOps expert in critical Web infrastructures, practices surprise reports and informal interviews with its employees, at their ease with a management method that gives free rein to originality and sparks many HR innovations.

The astonishment report, a tool for openness and sharing

Oxalide concentrates and takes up the technical challenges linked to digital transformation. To achieve this, the group recruits engineers imbued with the DevOps culture. A culture that carries the values ​​of sharing, empathy, transparency and mutual aid. Experts in platform architectures capable of breaking through new technologies to bring them into production – (AWS, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, etc.) Passionate people, for whom Oxalide goes out of their way.

Pleasant and well-located premises, a dynamic environment made up of challenges, attractive remuneration… this is only the beginning. Life in a company is an adventure, which usually begins with an interview and whose end we do not know. It should be made up of progress and goals to be achieved. In any case, this is how Maxime and Sébastien see it, the founders and partners of Oxalide, who do not imagine for a second that the principles of success that they apply to their company cannot also be successful individually and collective.

What principles are we talking about? Values ​​first. Passion, transparency, honesty, mutual aid and curiosity. A credo then. Rigor, agility and service. A rule of conduct: “try and fail and learn “ until success. A formula that has always benefited Oxalide customers, who recognize its effectiveness and validity. So why not imagine skills management that is also DevOps?

It is through reports of astonishment, semi-structured interviews intended to go beyond the strict framework of the questionnaire to give free rein to the imagination and feelings of employees, that Oxalide progresses in the wide range of practices of human ressources.

TheOn boarding, because it is better to be accompanied

You don’t leave an engineer in a corner. If there are 1,000 of you but you want to maintain a StartUp spirit, it starts with a welcome that is not that of a multinational. The first days in a new business are disarming. An observation that some have shared and that Oxalide is now fighting against two angles.

A busy schedule for 1-2 weeks leaves the newcomer no time to worry. Required steps in the various departments, presentation of the various methodologies and tools, awareness meetings on good customer practices, initial in-house training, new engineers go so far as to support salespeople in prospecting. Enough to tour the company and meet as many colleagues as possible. New entrants are quickly immersed in the corporate culture, to acquire the essential and comfortable feeling of belonging to the company.

Not alone in the dark

The rushes, the investment in the work, the technical challenges, the collaborations in progress can create a barrier with the team that a new collaborator will have difficulty crossing alone. This is the raison d’être of the sponsor, who makes himself available to answer questions, even the most incongruous, and above all to promote the integration of a new entrant into his team.

Reports of amazement are not the prerogative of beginnings. They are practiced throughout the career. Thus, it is certain collaborators of more or less long time who underlined the need to set up a sponsorship, taking the measure of the importance of this role. Indeed, it presupposes particular human qualities and modifies the relationship with the sponsored person a little. As such, a sponsor becomes one on a voluntary basis and there are many of them at Oxalide.

A triple training program to not be left behind

We practice the Apt-get skill-upgrade : either a regular updating of skills. Employees are encouraged to explore new technologies and Oxalide invested 2.9% of the total payroll in 2014. Classically, first of all, these are external training courses that carry a global vision, with publishers and certain manufacturers. . However, employees regret their lack of perspective with the methods and architectures practiced at Oxalide. It has therefore become customary to supplement each external training with an internal practice. Culture, knowledge and expertise are disseminated on a large scale to meet growing demand from employees.

Finally, the Web remains a new world and many technologies do not yet have their academic counterpart. Technical conferences like PGDays, DotScale, Velocity in Amsterdam and Meetups are essential in more ways than one. Less institutional, high places for networking, they promote the ability to self-train in a constantly changing world.

“I knew how to use the means I was given to progress”

If technical expertise is at the heart of the business at Oxalide, neither the human resources department nor the general management overestimate it. To grow, a business needs many other talents and skills. Appetite for training, special address for customer advice, management skills … the report of amazement and collaborative management allow to highlight qualities whose expression leads to professional development.

Thus, it is with a precise vision of the skills and objectives of each other that Oxalide can offer mobility and internal development that best meets the wishes of its employees. Mobility is commonplace at Oxalide and engineers can collaborate with different teams on a regular and supervised basis in order to diversify and perfect their knowledge. The creation of the new consulting department and the information systems department allowed several promotions. Recently, the company celebrated the internal appointments of a production manager, an engineer in charge of on-boarding and training subjects, and an innovation and services director.

Oxalide strives to give all the means to its employees so that they flourish within the structure and in their profession. What she can never do, however? Take it up for them.

Location: 25 bd de Strasbourg – 75010 Paris
Workforce: 70 employees
Creation date : 2000
Founders: Maxime Kurkdjian & Sébastien Lucas

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