How digital is transforming vocational training

by bold-lichterman

84% of HRDs believe that training within their company is moving towards more digitalization, according to the study “Professional training: when digital is a game-changer” offered by DigitalAcademy, a training institute specializing in digital.

6 major trends in training

  • A personalized course: digital, by placing the user at the heart of the customer relationship, makes it possible to draw up tailor-made training courses according to the employee’s profile, the time available, etc.

  • Blended learning: with the development of MOOC, SPOC or COOC, many distance training offers are available to companies. 29% of French employees have followed distance training, we learn in the study. It is the e-learning training that attracts professionals the most (21% have taken at least one), as well as the virtual classroom (for 20% of respondents). By combining face-to-face and remote modules, companies can create their own mix.

  • Training in project mode: with the advent of digital in business, learning methods are evolving. The trainer must therefore help employees to develop their skills as well as their knowledge.

  • Anticipate future business needs: Based on the principle that 30 to 70% of the professions of tomorrow are not known today, the challenge of training is therefore to anticipate as well as possible the future skills needs of companies, by allowing employees to develop digital skills .

  • Gamification: the use of techniques specific to games makes it possible to place employees at the center of their training. Put in a situation as if he were in the company, he memorizes the content of his training better.

  • Participatory training: the existing social learning tools make it possible to make exchanges between participants richer, and to extend them after the end of the session.
** Methodology: survey conducted in January and February 2016 by collecting quantified data and supported by around fifty interviews with HRDs, training managers, training consultants, industry experts and learners, and meetings with experts during ‘specialized events and trade fairs.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos