How digital education can save the state budget

by bold-lichterman

Despite the 135 billion euros that France devotes to its education system each year, school failure leaves a fifth of students without any real training or diploma when they leave the school system. Beyond the incalculable individual despair, it is a huge cost for the Nation. At a time when François Hollande announces the creation of a “great digital school” and deploys a plan with a budget of one billion euros over three years, digital education, more than ever at the heart of the news, appears to be one of the responses to be seriously considered.

Today, 110,000 young people leave the school system each year without a diploma or real training.

It should be known that each “dropout” pupil will cost throughout his adult life, to the State and to the Communities, 230,000 euros more than a student having had an overall successful education. Thus, each year, France automatically creates a future debt of… 25 billion euros!

The digital solutions that are developing today, driven in particular by the new measures of the Ministry of National Education, are a real asset for the teaching and learning of students.

Among the causes of school failure, it appears that 45% of pupils in difficulty have difficulty keeping up with the rhythm of the class and 26% of them do not master basic knowledge.

Soon the era ofadaptive learning

However, there is one solution in particular that seems to be ideal for helping struggling students: personalized learning known asadaptive learning. Already very present in Anglo-Saxon countries for several years, adaptive learning is a new personalization device that adapts to each student, by offering learning, training or evaluation activities according to their progress, its progress and needs throughout the year.

The child therefore advances at his own pace and gains autonomy, both in the management of his work, and in the visualization of his progress. True “educational GPS”, this new pedagogy, which adapts in real time to the needs of each student, allows us to enter a new era where academic failure gradually disappears, each benefiting from an education. personalized with a tailor-made learning path, a guarantee of success and fulfillment.

The massive deployment of aadaptive learning for all young people in difficulty could therefore prevent 71% of them from dropping out of school.

However, a solution ofadaptive learning for a pupil costs around 200 euros, and this for an entire schooling, which represents only one thousandth of the economic consequences of a pupil’s failure at school, estimated at 230,000 euros.

A real solution to school failure, theadaptive learning is therefore the digital tool to adopt quickly to contribute to the significant reduction in school failure … and save the budget of France!

benjamin-magnard-educleverPioneer of the online bookstore with Alapage, which he created in 1995 and sold to Wanadoo four years later, Benjamin Patrice Magnard sense very early on that digital technology will revolutionize not only the publishing world but also and above all the world of education. He launched in 2000 At the same time, he participated as a “Business Angel” in the launch of,, Prestashop… Mentor at the Institut du Mentorat Entrepreneurial de la CCI de Paris and at MOOVJEE, he strives to convey to young people his taste for entrepreneurship and his conviction that “anything is always possible”. as Founder of the company Educate, its ambition is to convince the educational world that another educational approach is possible.

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