How Deep Learning Will Revolutionize HR

by bold-lichterman

The main missions of HR relate to recruitment and internal mobility: finding suitable candidates for the positions to be filled, enabling employees to develop by offering them attractive paths, and promoting a fulfilling work environment for employees. However, some tasks with low added value, such as serving ads or sorting curriculum vitae, distract it from its core business: interaction with candidates and employees.

Deep Learning is a technology that will revolutionize his daily life.

To distribute job offers to relevant candidates

By analyzing millions of journeys, the algorithm can learn the correlations between positions and profiles and then present the most relevant offers to each candidate. Thanks to a dynamic representation of the words, “gardener” close to “green space maintenance agent” for example. It will automatically extract skills and suggest the best offers based on the candidate’s profile.

To evaluate the applications

When applications come in, Deep Learning allows recruiters to build their own application evaluation tool, without entering any criteria, thanks to a simple drag and drop CVs accepted or refused in the past. He will then adjust to the specific needs of each recruiter by capturing the useful information which, in the past, has motivated his choice.

By relying on correlations, clearly more relevant than simple keywords, the algorithm evaluates the training, experiences and skills, and the suitability of candidates with the culture of the company. Far from “cloning” candidates, this technology offers new recruiting perspectives by promoting diversity and analyzing a larger number of candidates. The recruiter then has a table presenting the applications evaluated by relevance, instantly.

To promote internal mobility

Finally, this technology can also support HR in its internal mobility strategy: by relying on internal company data and millions of analyzed paths, it makes it possible to map skills and suggest job changes to employees. , detect high potentials and departure risks.

For HR, the daily impact is enormous: the use of this technology allows it to boost recruitment and internal mobility by exploiting the full potential of internal and external data to the company to turn it into support tools. to the decision.

photo-Josselin perso2-Reminder

Riminder allows HR to capitalize on internal and external company data to turn them into decision support tools on subjects such as internal mobility, talent detection, management of the flow of applications or targeting of candidates on the internet.

Our technology is the result of 2 years of R&D in collaboration with 3 Deep Learning laboratories in Paris.

Josselin Noire, co-founder