How Coursier Privé wants to make the delivery market more fluid

by bold-lichterman

While many start-ups are embarking on courier delivery, one of the main challenges for the sector is the optimization of the trips carried out. It is precisely this market that Private Courier. This Parisian start-up is developing technology for transporters whose objective is to distribute transport flows as well as possible. The solution also makes it possible to monitor packages in real time and sign their receipt via an electronic signature device.

In addition to this activity of B2B software publisher, Coursier Privé also offers its own delivery service for individuals or merchants who wish to quickly ship products to their customers. After launching its first commercial version in October 2015, and completing a first fundraising of 120,000 euros in love money, the company quickly integrated the Numa Paris and benefited from the program dedicated to start-ups Microsoft Bizspark Plus. In addition to having benefited from the Microsoft network to develop its activity, Coursier Privé was also offered technical resources and was able to benefit from $ 360,000 in credits on Mircrosoft’s cloud hosting solution. Azure. She is now preparing to join Paris City Hall incubator, dedicated to “sustainable urban logistics and mobility”.

From now on, Coursier Privé is working on a new fundraising of a larger amount, the objective of which is to finance the development of its geographical coverage. The start-up wants to increase its presence in France this year, then to continue its momentum in 2017 in Europe, with a priority on Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Interview with Arnaud Marlois, president and co-founder of Coursier Privé:

President : Arnaud Marlois

Launch: 2015

The head office : Paris

Activity: parcel transport by courier and logistics software publisher

Funding: 120,000 euros raised in love money