How China’s Secoo manages to do well against giants Alibaba and Tencent

by bold-lichterman

In a market as competitive as Asia, dominated by the behemoths Alibaba and Tencent, it is difficult for other local players in e-commerce to find a place for themselves. However, this harsh competition which continues to increase has not cooled the ardor of Chinese society. Secoo, which is developing a marketplace focused on luxury products.

To continue, the company founded in 2008 by Rixue Li relies mainly on data to better understand the behavior of consumers, when they buy online but not only. “We don’t just know what consumers are buying online, we can also know what kinds of videos, TV shows or news they like.», Explains Nicole Yang, Chief Marketing Officer at Secoo, to FrenchWeb on the occasion of the China Connect conference held in Paris in early March.

Mainly present in Asia, Secoo is not neglecting Europe. The Chinese marketplace even has a branch in Milan, “an important city for the luxury industry”, Says Nicole Yang.

Founder: Brawl Li

Creation date : 2008

Seat : Shanghai

Activity: marketplace focused on luxury products

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