How Capgemini puts ethics at the heart of artificial intelligence through its businesses

by bold-lichterman

No more organization can afford to use artificial intelligence without meeting the challenges of ethics and trust. “Today, if the themes of AI and trust have become important, it is because there is a digital revolution that is really starting to emerge.», Recalls Isabelle Budor, in charge of the personal data protection offer for Capgemini France. There have been a number of projects that have been launched, in particular by GAFA, which are pioneers in artificial intelligence, without having taken this theme into account. These companies then took an ethical wall on the part of employees or the media.», Continues the latter.

On the GAFA side, Isabelle Budor cites for example the Maven project (development of an AI for the Pentagon and intended for the creation of a military surveillance tool by drones) since abandoned by Google in the face of employee protests. In health, she recalls the scandal that showed how certain artificial intelligence applications managed to detect cancers in certain types of population and not others.

Now that AI is spreading in organizations, these questions of ethics and trust must be injected very early on into the heart of the development process of various projects. As digital transformation specialist, Capgemini is building up an armada of talent capable of supporting companies on this subject. And this during all phases of the project, from the upstream reflection to product design. We thus find trades as a data consultant, consultant in innovation & digital transformation, project manager and also data scientist or architect. The sectors in which they operate are just as vast: banking / insurance, mobility, health, automotive, nuclear, etc.

Find this report at the heart of Capgemini with in particular the testimonies of Sylia Bouzid, data scientist, and Thibault Lafont, senior manager, specialist in data privacy and ethics issues:

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