How can companies reduce their IT energy bills?

by bold-lichterman

More and more companies have realized the need to take an interest in the energy consumption of their equipment (computers, monitors, IP telephones and other servers, routers, etc.). The result: energy savings and a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

How can companies reduce their IT energy billsOrange Business Services has joined forces with JouleX, a company specializing in energy management solutions for businesses, since March to launch an energy audit service for IT parks in France. Thanks to the “Energy Manager” software, it is possible to offer a detailed analysis of the energy consumption of each device and a simulation of energy savings based on measurement scenarios to be implemented.

A solution offered primarily to large accounts and which achieves savings of up to 60% in the best cases. The cost of the audit for companies varies from 50 to 80 k €.

Interview with Alexandre Chupin, Innovation & sustainable development consultant – Orange Business Services.