How can companies optimize the use of their data?

by bold-lichterman

Companies produce a lot of data internally: on their activities, on their customers, on their employees … Thus, many companies, particularly in the cloub BI sector, that is to say business intelligence, offer solutions in order to format this information and use it. But is all the data that a company produces usable?

“When we talk about business data, we talk about a lot of things. It is a term that has become generic, ”believes Bruno Colin, consultant at Return on Data, who specifies that a digital trace should not be confused with a signal. “A trace, such as it is, is not necessarily usable and this is the big stake of data: how to sort what is a trace [numérique] with which we are not going to do much and with a signal, even weak, but which will carry information and with which we will be able to work ”.

New source of value?

In any case, once the useful data has been identified, several questions arise for the company wishing to take advantage of it, such as access to this data (does the company own it?) And the possibility of it. use. Subsequently, we must also work on integrating this data and using it in the economic model.

Are all the data usable and can they create value? How to transform them into usable information for the company, or even create new products and services marketable to customers? What place for algorithms in the processing process?

More details with the interview of Bruno Colin, consultant at Return on Data:

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