How artificial intelligence will revolutionize our daily lives

by bold-lichterman

She assists you every day, but yet you do not see her. She is artificial intelligence. Integrated into smartphones, televisions or even social networks, it is increasingly interfering with your daily uses over time. Its importance is such that François Hollande, at the end of his five-year term, announced last March an envelope of 1.5 billion euros over ten years on the occasion of the submission of the “France IA” report, which endowed France has a roadmap in this area. “The nations that master artificial intelligence will be the powers of tomorrow“, Even declared François Hollande.

Last May, Emmanuel Macron took over from François Hollande at the Élysée Palace but stayed the course in artificial intelligence. Indeed, the new government has instructed MP Cédric Villani, a mathematician by training, to lead an information mission on artificial intelligence. Because if artificial intelligence is gaining ground every day, citizens do not necessarily understand the ins and outs of this sector. However, there is an emergency. Artificial intelligence is knocking more and more vehemently on the door of every individual, as evidenced by bots on Facebook Messenger or the race for the autonomous car which is in full swing.

Ultimately, it is the daily life of each inhabitant of the planet that will be upset. From work to play, from housework to transport, artificial intelligence is set to change our lives. For the best ?

SEE the report on France is AI produced by FrenchWeb :

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