Himedia and Webedia agree on the sale of Jeuxvideo.com, and on an advertising partnership

by bold-lichterman

“It will undoubtedly be necessary to change the name” indicated this very morning Cédric Siré on BFM Business, which did not hide the international ambition of the site bought by its parent company Fimalac. Jeuxvideo.com enters the bosom of Webedia, for 90 million euros. A site formerly owned by Himedia Group, which at the same time is reviewing its positioning, now mainly focused on web and mobile advertising and payment.

Webedia offers itself 5 to 6 million unique visitors per month, the audience of Jeuxvideo.com, the third site in the world on this topic. The forums alone generate 700 million visits. The company, based in Aurillac and founded by Sebastien pissavy, JSTOLFO eroma and François CLAUSTRES, achieved 15 million euros in turnover last year, it was 6.8 million euros in 2012. 40 employees make up the workforce, with around fifteen editors to supply the site with content.

For its part, Webedia claims more than 21 million unique visitors per month in France, and around 50 million worldwide. In terms of revenue, the group is expected to reach 80 million euros this year. Webedia will now work closely with Himedia, which will become Webedia’s advertising network for Europe.